Synology DS1019+

Synology DS1019+

I have to admit, despite also backing up to Backblaze I was quite nervous about moving my data from one machine to another. However, moving disks from one Synology to another couldn’t be more straightforward.

I primarily use the disk station for backing up my various cloud providers (Dropbox etc.), photos of my kids, business documents, the odd docker container (pihole, primarily) and Plex. I have 2TB drives in Synology Hybrid Raid configuration, which is only at 21% capacity, but I would like to start organising my volumes more effectively. In the first instance, I would like a volume primarily for media and downloads. For a long time, I attached an external drive for this solution, but as I was already super impressed with the DS218+, and a little glum with the coronavirus lockdown, I decided to upgrade to the DS1019+.

A word of caution. My upgrade was made easier by the fact both of my machines were in the plus (+) range. Your mileage may vary, but be sure to read the documentation:

How to migrate between Synology NAS (DSM 6.0 and later)

After the wizard was complete, I reassigned the fixed IP from my old device to the new one, and it was as if it was the same machine. Even the 2-factor authentication moved over. I did have to change the hostname too because even that moved over as well.