Yup, I have a highlighting system.

zebra midliners

I spend a lot of time on my personal knowledge management (PKM) system, and over the years I have developed tools and systems to improve it. One of those is my highlighting system.
I use the Zebra Soft Brush Mildliner set and they come in packs of 5.

Colour System:

  • Pink - Idea
    • Reading something has triggered an idea. My first step is capturing the idea in LogSeq then I look for connected ideas.
  • Yellow - Key Quote
    • Any sentence or paragraph that I wish to reference at a later date.
  • Orange - Something I don’t know
    • Prompt to revisit and research a topic.
  • Blue - Action
    • Reading has triggered a need to do something e.g. the writer says bitcoin will be worth £30m in 2030, so I might go and buy some bitcoin.
  • Green - Person of interest
    • This is the cause of my reading list being so long. If an author references another author who is an expert in a field I’m interested in, I will use this as a prompt to research them.