Are you an overly cautious person who hates using their actual email address in case someone sells it to a marketing company? Me too, and that’s why I have just signed up for a year of Fastmail. I discovered Fastmail when I was emailed about 1Passwords “masked email” feature.

1Password Masked Email

Some of the big vendors I work with often share free ebooks, but it’s impossible to get them without giving an email address. Unfortunately, most of these companies have caught on to services like that provide temp emails. However, a masked email is similar in that it will create a unique email address, but forward mails to my primary email address. This is great because I can instantly identify the source, and it is immediately clear if the vendor has passed my (temp) email around.

I’m still learning about the service, but I’ve been very happy so far. If this service appeals to you, here’s my referral code.