This title is very misleading because like everyone else I was stuck in my house for most of 2020. However, I thought it might be fun to list all the things that made lockdown a little more bearable for me. The list below was inspired by the lists created on Cool Tools, and the images below are all links to where you can buy the same items.

So here they are in no particular order…

Samsung Odyssey G9 Curved Gaming Monitor, 49 Inch

This thing has been a genuine workhorse for me since lockdown. It is on for a minimum of 16hrs a day with it serving as my work monitor by day and gaming monitor by night. Yes, this monitor is pricey, but you have to think of it as an investment.


Anolon 85068 Professional Milkpan, Saucepans and Frypan Set of 5

As a student, I purchased numerous cheap and cheerful pots and pans. The problem was that they needed replacing every term, and was an absolute nightmare to clean. Since buying this set, I can honestly say they’re as good as the day I bought them. While the vendor says they are dishwasher safe, I have avoided it due to some reviews saying it kills the pans. The non-stick is so effective they take seconds to clean by hand.


Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker with Loud Stereo Sound

I purchased this cheap little speaker for my workshop, but now it follows me everywhere. The speaker goes loud enough without distorting, and the battery life is phenomenal.


Multi Cable

With none of the big vendors wanting to standardise on a single connection type, I’m left having to buy things like this. This is the one I use, and it has the added benefit of charging two items at once. I have yet to destroy one.


Ender 5

I had an Anet A8 a few years back, but I decided to sell it to a friend because it collected dust. After a while, I realised how much I enjoy 3D printing, so I bought this for myself. It was leagues easier than the Anet to configure. Mine hasn’t been kept standard, but you can read my blogs for more about that topic.


Edge Router X

Before I knew better, I was one of those people who bought “gaming routers”. Now that I know better and want more security features from my network, a bit of research led me to the Edge Router X. It’s super cheap, highly customisable and relatively easy to be productive. There’s a decent amount of resources on YT too.


Nylon Fishing line

Since moving into my new house, I have been replacing a lot of TV coax with ethernet. I’m fortunate that I can pull through the fishing line with the coax because it’s not pinned to the wall. This kit has been amazing for this task.



I’m not in tune with my body enough to detect the difference between cheap and expensive vitamins. However, I do know they add a bit of vitality throughout the day, and I certainly know when I dont take them. This is the one I use.



I care about security, and I like gadgets. This cool little thing is the best of both. I will write a blog about how I use it in the future but until then, buy one and have a play. You can thank me later.

These are the two I own: