As part of my second brain workflow, I like to store complete copies of the sources I read. To make this easier, I created a template. Unfortunately, the Foam documentation isn’t forthcoming on how to do this, but you can find it here.

To create the template, use Ctrl+Shift+P, then type Foam: Create New Template. For my resource template, I used:




This is a straightforward template that adds a title that is derived from the filename, it auto-populates the current date and finally pastes the contents of the clipboard. I take the clipboard because I use the fantastic firefox plugin MarkDownload - Markdown Web Clipper by DeathAU. This plugin allows me to export whole pages as markdown (obviously, duh), which I can quickly dump into my newly created page.

Create a new note from the template with Ctrl+Shift+P and Foam: Create New Note From Template.