I often get asked what “Good” looks like, and I find it a tough question to answer because “Good” wears many faces. However, one excellent example landed in my inbox on Monday 16th of March, only four days after the Cornavirus was announced as a pandemic. For those of you who missed it, Deliveroo added a feature to their buying journey that allowed users to opt-in for contact-free delivery.

See the feature summary below.

How contact-free delivery works.

  • Select the new ‘contact-free delivery’ feature at checkout - this message will go to your rider so > they know to leave the food at your door
  • At this point you will be asked to add additional delivery instructions so your rider knows where to leave your food
  • You’ll receive a notification when your rider is nearby, reminding you that you have requested > contact-free delivery


Admittedly, we have known about Coronavirus since before Christmas, but like many others, I suspect Deliveroo didn’t take it seriously until the pandemic announcement. Ask yourself, can your team deliver features this quickly? If the answer is no, then ask yourself what can you change today that will improve that position.