I admit it; I’m impulsive. So, when I watched a video suggesting the Oculus Quest was the best VR device on the market, naturally I went in search for the cheapest offer. Amazon is always my first stop. The next day delivery satisfies my impulse. When I logged into Amazon and seen delivery wouldn’t be for three days, I decided to look elsewhere….. lo and behold its sold out everywhere. Back to Amazon. Hold on; delivery has changed to next day… I place the order!

Within a few hours, I get a dispatch notice suggesting the delivery will be next day. Great! Now its the following day and I’m tracking the delivery intently - 12:45 pm is when I get the first update suggesting the delivery is at Hill Barton, about 190miles away. I start questioning if the delivery is going to reach me by 9 pm as promised. I’m not the only person en route, so 8 hours feels hugely optimistic. 4 pm and I finally get the dreaded update; “package delayed in transport. Now expected 12 Jan - 14 Jan”.

Under normal circumstances, I would say this is a coincidence, but with Amazon, I don’t know. Did they dupe me? Did they change the date because they know I’m weak and would buy if the delivery changed?? Is there an unethical/immoral force at play here?